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ELSEWHERE IN THE U.S., Inspiring letter by (acquitted) Illinois smart meter activist

I believe that there are no wasted tears and that our pain becomes a pathway to help others live freely and love fiercely. –Kim (Malia) Bendis


Kim Bendis, Smart Meter hero Oct 2014


Articles about Kim’s smart meter trial:

City Council Watchdog“Naperville City Officials Lose in Court”

Naperville Sun“…Not Guilty Resisting Cop”

Chicago Tribune“Woman found not guilty in Naperville ‘smart meter’ case”

Daily Herald“Naperville woman acquitted of resisting, obstructing cops”

A chart is worth a thousand words: smart meters endanger people

Silence becomes cowardice when occasion demands speaking out the whole truth and acting accordingly.               –Mahatma Gandhi

SkyVision Solutions has posted two intelligent, revealing charts. They work well together, and need to be shared widely.

ELSEWHERE in the U.S.: Oakland CA residents want state action

Carole Garcia keeps all her bloody tissues in a gallon Ziplock bag she’s saved.

The Rochester Hills resident wants evidence, she said, because it’s her smart utility meter causing her nose to bleed every day. She wants her old analog meter back, but can’t get it due to a policy she says doesn’t give her an option…


“Oakland CA residents hope to get issues with smart meters heard at state level.”

Wisconsin residents want the same consideration.

Smart Meter Health complaints to Public Service Commission of WI – since 2009

NOTE: Lest the uninformed reader believe health impacts resulting in symptoms are impossible from wireless exposures, hear about the science from experts in the recent Symposium for medical professionals.

Also, an LA teacher and a Michigan boy have each been accommodated for NO wifi computer areas at school.

LA teacher accommodated for no wifi 2014

Michigan boy science project tests wifi on sprouts, 2014, EHS

WHEN will the utility monopolies and regulators have to accommodate people, as well?


Wisconsin is not living in a vacuum: Like other places nationwide, Wisconsin utility customers have been experiencing health problems due to smart meters. Following is the list of these complaints found in the official Public Service Commission of Wisconsin complaint records since 2009. It includes only the people who took their complaint beyond their utility to the PSC. Many more people never went to the PSC level, as evidenced by three quotes at the end of the list. Of course, still other people would not have had a clue their health impacts were coming from the meter exposure, and would not have contacted anybody.

corrected typo version:

PSC smart meter health complaints 2009 to 2014

originally posted:

PSC smart meter health complaints January 2009 to June 2014

psc meeting broadcast site

About the records: The PSC only retains the current 3 years of complaints, but a person can continue to request new ones to keep up-to-date. We began requesting these complaints in 2010/2011. We did not know all the search terms to get all the results at the time. We have since learned that to receive all the complaints you must have a long LIST of search terms. For example, if a customer states she feels “ill” from the meter, if you ask them to search on the word, “sick,” it will not come up! You also need to specify the types of meters by name, such as AMI, AMR, ERT to get comprehensive results. The meter dispute code 409 is attached to some records but not all. In other words, it is difficult for a utility consumer to gain access to all records about health complaints and smart meters.

It is important to note that the PSC of WI denied accommodation to ALL customers requesting relief from radiofrequency meters, including desperate terminally ill patients and individuals with doctor letters requesting the accommodation. This is truly barbaric and needs to stop.

Let’s challenge lawmakers to remove the black mark on the reputation of this state. Encourage them to pass a state smart meter opt out bill. AB345, written by Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt last year, or a newly written comprehensive utility consumer rights bill would be a good place to start.

UPDATED: Illinois smart meter activist ACQUITED in smart meter CASE


UPDATE: Ms. Bendis composed a beautiful, inspiring letter upon her release. I have uploaded it from the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness site HERE to share widely.

Bless this brave woman, and may her courage give us strength and resolve to continue to fight the injustice of forced smart meters.

Articles about Kim’s smart meter case trial:

City Council Watchdog“Naperville City Officials Lose in Court”

Naperville Sun“…Not Guilty Resisting Cop”

Chicago Tribune“Woman found not guilty in Naperville ‘smart meter’ case”

Daily Herald“Naperville woman acquitted of resisting, obstructing cops”


Madison, WI premiere: award-winning film, Take Back Your Power: Investigating the “Smart” Grid


to the Wisconsin premiere of the Award-winning documentary

Take Back Your Power: Investigating the “Smart” Grid 

showing in Madison 

September 16, 7:00 p.m.

122 State Street, Room 200

What is the big deal about smart meters, and why are people pushing back across the nation?

Josh del Sol exposes the full picture of what is wrong with smart meters, why people do not want them, and why they are being forced upon people against their will. A brief discussion will follow the showing, including information about the new consumer protection legislation to promote.

Full press release is found here.

Elsewhere in the U.S., Massachusetts residents would pay $7 billion for risky smart grid pilot

We face the same type of discriminatory policy and expense in Wisconsin, except many utilities had already “deployed” smart meters before any public awareness or resistance existed.

Electric meter program not ‘smart’

To the editor:

Worcester is the site of National Grid’s ‘smart’ electric meter pilot program. The $48 million Worcester pilot has not proven that smart meters are cost effective or safe, yet the DPU intends for Massachusetts residents to pay an estimated $7 billion for investor-owned utilities to deploy.

Homeowners reporting signal interference, multiple light bulbs or appliances blowing prematurely, the onset or intensification of stressrelated health ailments or inflammatory markers, and damage to trees and shrubs are ignored. Instead, the DPU, under the leadership of Chair Ann Berwick, wife of candidate Don Berwick, endorses discriminatory opt-out fees for residents unable to tolerate exposure to micro-pulses of microwave radio frequencies. The DPU also mandated auto-enrollment, which amounts to human experimentation without knowledge or consent.

The DPU’s process for Northern Pass, the gas pipeline, industrial scale wind and solar, and smart meters denies the actual costs to health and the environment, favoring a utility model in its death throes. The probation department investigation pales in comparison to the inquiry that needs to take place regarding DPU’s intention to saddle ratepayers with costly infrastructure. The corrupt process that authorized the pilot and subsequent smart meter mandate will affect every Mass resident and the environment for decades to come.

Beware politicians opposing the gas pipeline and endorsing smart meters for energy efficiency. Lisa Madigan, AG of Illinois stated, “The utilities want to experiment with expensive and unproven smart grid technology, yet all the risk for this experiment will lie with consumers. The utilities have shown no evidence of billions of dollars in benefits to consumers from these new meters, but they have shown they know how to profit. I think the only real question is: How dumb do they think we are?”

Patricia Burke, Stop Smart Meters Massachusetts, Millis


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