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Elsewhere in the U.S., Michigan House Hearing on Smart Meters 12.2.14 part 1

The testimony at this recent Michigan House hearing is universal regarding the smart meter issue in any state, including Wisconsin.

Much testimony was given. Here are some points from the input presented by Nurse Abigail Noble:

“At the core of this issue are three governing principles contributing to the state’s interest in this issue. They are based upon the government’s role to secure individual rights to life, liberty and property. In brief, the state’s interests are:

1. that prosperity depends upon easy access to efficient, low-cost energy. This is also the perspective argued by the utility companies. I am all for efficiency. But the argument loses its potency to the extent that smart meters are subsidized by our federal tax dollars.

2. The state’s interests are that Michigan citizens know themselves to be safe and secure in their own homes. This is the concern raised by many of the citizens present today.

3. The state’s interests are to have a healthy citizenry, who not only produce more, but will cost less on the public rolls.

You have heard testimony that smart meters are perfectly safe and you have heard opposing testimony (you will hear more) that they pose serious risk. It can be argued that the presence of this disparity is in itself an argument for a hold on implementation pending further study and safety improvement. I suggest that the purpose of this hearing is not to make a determination on the question of safety.

Regardless of who may be proven right in the end, there is no doubt that Michigan citizens who strongly believe that smart meters are harmful to their health. As a nurse, I cannot discount this for two reasons, both of which are supported by science…

80% of our health is individually controlled and must be. No one else can exercise for us, eat and sleep right, cease from smoking, drink in moderation, etc. No one can grant us the full benefit of individual initiative and self-determination required for a moderate lifestyle. It is my argument, therefore, that the state should take every measure to prioritize and protect individual autonomy. The interest of the state is in a strong-minded, healthy citizenry, and that demands it.”



Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe – Electromagnetic Radiation, Health and Children 2014

wireless internet   map my house square graphic

Many scientists are predicting this to be the worst public health disaster in human history.

RTW-Smart-Meter-Warning2 good copy

courtesy Stop Smart

ELSEWHERE in the U.S.: Fountain CO prayers lead to FREE opt outs

For many of us the battle to opt out, and ultimately roll back the dangerous non-democratic smart meters is a struggle between light and darkness. We are being harmed. And our utilities and public service regulators show no mercy for our point-of-view and need, choosing to ignore thousands of independent scientific studies that show public health precautions SHOULD be employed. Therefore, what happened in Fountain Colorado is inspiring and brings hope to people who are being denied accommodation and the BASIC God-given right to protect their own health and home.

Mercy, love, compassion are in the hands of the Higher Power. Are there any people of faith working in the utility monopolies and non-elected regulatory agencies? Is there one powerful person of compassion to stand up for the Light in this situation? light-wins-smart-meter-opt-out-fountain-co

what is smart grid part of? where is tech going?

What future is industry creating right under our noses?

How might the smart grid be important to accomplish the full wireless “connection?”

A sneak preview can be found at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) “futurist” symposium:

2014 IEEE Technology Time Machine Symposium (TTM 2014)  (October 21-22)

Global experts presented a 2035 vision for each of the six areas…

IEEE is an international, and powerful, industry organization.

wireless internet   map my house square graphic

HERE are some juicy quotes and bits of information

from the  notes of a person who attended (not in order she talked about them):

Info. age is over. Computers are taking over.

Newer brains being rewired, humans coupled with technology.
Nat. Geographic changed pacing in programs:
Real wild kingdom, animals lie around, conserve energy, not dramatic enough. AMPED UP
what is expressed. All week long FAST shark attacks sped up, displaced, not how works.
LIONS the hunt or kill, not natural in groups, etc.
Want to IMPACT and change the OLD WORLD.

Plug and play tech for education, the global brain discussion.

increased unmanned ariel vehicles, will replace UPS (2025)

our kids will not “need” to learn how to drive


by 2035, everything wireless, everyone connected: communicate through extension of our hands.
Need more licensing. They’re going to put Antennas in our homes and inside us to always connect all the people.


THEY SAY ultimately (their vision of) engineering and science will be good for mankind. But worried that there’s an alarming lack of trust in society.


(Tech is ) fabricating our biology,
Forces are working to prevent (this) tech, but tech will win in the long run.
silicon valley moving forward
corporate structure moving and changing

Changes may seem sudden, but are all visible, future has arrived.
Tech not evenly distributed yet.
Humans’ limited perspective of tech…delays onset.


Entire conference based on: MUST REDUCE green house gases and CLIMATE CHANGE (justifies automating everything)


LUNCH, talk from prof. about the big brain. Throwing cognition into technology.

Tech will carry the “burden” of cognition. We’re being phased out, what IEEE all about, the evolution of humans. We will rely on computers to remember for us, we will not have to remember.


Participant asked, what do you NOT want to engineered as a human?

Then said, too bad they’re already engineering it.

more GE (General Electric) quotes:

Energy, smart grid, requires change in culture.

NEED: 1. technologies  2. standards  3. policies


Globally taking over everything by technology.


Renewable energy not reliable, we know. So nuclear plants are a must. GE says.


GE SPEAKER 1:  spoke about MARXIST book, capitalism, socialism and creative disruption. 1942. Joseph Schumpeter .

Forget everything you think you know about your future.

I am from the future.

GE global research center. WILL massively disrupt global business. Must innovate or NO JOBS.

(NOTE: The BOOK and philosophy they promoted was Marxist:  Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (1942), Joseph Schumpeter developed the concept out of a careful reading of Marx’s thought (to which the whole of Part I of the book is devoted), arguing (in Part II) that the creative-destructive forces unleashed by capitalism would eventually lead to its demise as a system

wireless internet   map my house square graphic

AUDIO LINK: Rundown Live talks smart meters

Rundown Live, Milwaukee, interviewed two Wisconsin smart meter and public health activists at 8 p.m. November 19, 2014.

Here is a bit more information on the topic:

Wisconsin smart meter FACTS

WI Smart Meter LINKS


ELSEWHERE in the U.S., Smart meters ROLLED BACK in Port Angeles, WA

Opt outs from individual smart meters is not good enough to protect our neighborhoods and communities from privacy, security, unnecessary expense and radiation-exposure risks. Here is one community that stood up and WON comprehensive ROLL BACKS of smart meters!

Let’s tell WI lawmakers to pass a law allowing individual OPT OUTS for immediate relief from smart meters, and to ultimately ROLL BACK these dangerous, risky systems. Who should control YOUR home safety and security risks – YOU or the utility monopoly?

(See comparison below to understand how ANALOG METERS are superior to radiofrequency signaling meters. Also see the PSC public records complaints below to understand the affront to individuals in their homes and on their properties.)

COMPARISON of smart meters and analog meters

Benefits of Analog Meters Vs. Smart Meters

Why push for opt-out (with a roll-back GOAL) legislation today!

According to some experts / reports by consumers:    Analog (Electromechanical) Meters    Smart Meters (Electronic)
RF Radiation Exposure      No      YES
Part of mesh network that blankets community with RF radiation      No      YES
Health complaints      No      YES
AAEM physicians’ association warnings about health effects      No      YES
Santa Cruz Health Dept. warnings about RF radiation emissions      No      YES
Privacy Intrusion      No      YES
Hackable      No      YES
Utility collects personal energy use data      No      YES
Data on your personal energy use may be provided to 3rd parties      No      YES
Can cause “dirty electricity” emissions on wiring      No      YES
Can be used to power down or shut off your appliances      No      YES
Can be used to remotely shutoff your utility service      No      YES
Can be used to charge for Time -of-Use rating      No      YES
Higher bills complaints      No      YES
Appliance Burnout Complaints      No      YES
Associated with numerous house fires      No      YES
Interference w/ wireless devices      No      YES
Safety complaints      No      YES
Can contribute to grid failure      No      YES
Meter has short life      No – last 30-50 years      YES – last 12-15 years

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