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Elsewhere in the U.S., Florida smart meter activists interviewed

Stop Smart Meters WhistleStop TOUR interviews sunny Florida residents (these residents offer a sunny hope):


So far in Wisconsin, “NO” is ALWAYS the answer of the Public Service Commission to smart meter opt out requests. The first documented health-related request appeared in a 2003 correspondence. Starting in 2009, rashes of requests appear in PSC public records. Each year since, the Commission has DENIED ALL customers who request analog meter options for health and/or privacy.

psc meeting broadcast site

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Elsewhere in the U.S., Anti-”Smart” Meter Direct Action in CA

A compilation from California citizen rights direct action taken against forced smart meters:


Wisconsin “room of doom” for citizen smart meter freedom:

psc meeting broadcast site

FCC radiofrequency & microwave exposure limits based on scientific FRAUD

IARC (International Agency for the cancer research arm of the World Health Organization) recently announced in a London press meeting that the world is facing a tsunami of new cancers, as estimated in its World Cancer Report 2014.

THIS witty, well-researched REVIEW of that press meeting in London on February 3, 2014, READS LIKE the beginning of a NOVEL of intrigue, with powerful players and world health at stake.

But it is NONFICTION, I am sorry to say. And during the course of this (real time) story you or your loved ones may fall ill or die to preventable cancers and other conditions. How? Why, you may ask? Just read Susan Foster’s article to understand what we are facing. A fiction writer would have trouble weaving this tale of power and deceit and billions of dollars in play at the expense of everyday people’s lives.

One revealing quote specifically fingers the FCC/IEEE and ICNIRP:

“There is a consistent pattern of increased risk for glioma (a malignant brain tumor) and acoustic neuroma with use of mobile and cordless phones,stated Lennart Hardell, MD at Orebro University, Sweden. “Epidemiological evidence shows that radiofrequency [radiation] should be classified as a human carcinogen. The existing FCC/IEEE and ICNIRP public safety limits and reference levels are not adequate to protect public health.”

So, anyone that tells you a product is safe because the FCC said so is wrong. This includes utilities and telecom companies. Dead wrong, all.


WI Pioneers of Smart Meter AWARENESS: 2009 warning about WE-Energies

Nearly five years ago, the webmaster of sent two letters to the editor of the Sounder in Random Lake warning about the new radiofrequency transmitter meters that WE-Energies was installing.

People who had these meters installed WITH NO WARNINGS five or more years ago would simply not have known enough to attribute new symptoms, illnesses and unexpected deaths to the new source of (involuntary) radiation on their homes. MOST WE-Energies (and other utility) customers never saw these warnings in the small paper, nor had the opportunity to hear about the serious risks these radiofrequency emitting device would bring to their families. Therefore, I am posting them here to expose the truth, and to honor the writer, a true pioneer of awareness about dangers of smart meters.

Letter One

Letter Two

Today’s WE-Energies meters in some areas transmit bursts of microwave energy every few seconds, 24-7. (See “Reject Smart Meters in Wisconsin” at YouTube for recent clip)

How many more pioneers of smart meter awareness will we need to wake up the sleeping population?

How many more illnesses? How many years of a rise in unexpected or unexplained deaths of people, and animals?

How many?

New Report shows HOW smart meters invade individual privacy, no doubt about it

SkyVision Solutions has just released a new report entitled, “A Perspective on How Smart Meters Invade Individual Privacy.” Folks, there is no question about it. The question is, are you going to lay down and take it, or rally to opt out?

The most important thing is to put pressure on lawmakers to revive a bill that allows you to opt out of meters, which should have been OPT IN to start with. The next most important thing is to spread the word to have other people join the push for this most basic freedom: the protection of what you are doing in your own home and on your property.

The “smart” grid remote reporting will also allow updates to software that enable things you cannot even dream of, and without your consent. The best thing is to NOT have these invasive devices in the first place.

The WI laws allowing utilities to “select their equipment” without any customer input were created before remote data-collecting, radiation-producing meters were created or used as a new “routine.” Wisconsin law needs to be updated to give utility consumers the power to say no to this different class of equipment.

Are we going to accept this insult to your privacy or fight it by spreading the word and working with lawmakers? That is the important question we must ask.


Why did Eugene OR get “opt in” to same meters Alliant forces on WI customers?

Eugene Oregon decided to make its smart meter program “opt in” only because area doctors compiled a report that showed all the health damage potential of individual meters and the system. While the utility was not probably concerned about public health, they realized the liability issues were very real.

The doctors’ reports refer to Sensus FlexNet electric metering – the same as Alliant is using in Wisconsin. Alliant (and other electric, gas and water utilities) never offered an “opt in” to smart meters in Wisconsin. Alliant and most WI utilities refuse to people “opt out” for any reason. But these utilities will face liability as more people become educated about the truth: that transmitting radiofrequency/microwave meters and network emissions add up to cancers and other negative health impacts.

Below you will find the well-researched documents prepared by Dr. Paul Dart, M.D., and other medical professionals for the utility. Dr. Dart also submitted these as testimony  to the FCC to encourage the federal regulators to adopt biologically protective radiofrequency/microwave limits to protect the population.

1 Eugene Oregon doctors 2013 fcc comment doctors

2 Eugene doctors 2013 Paul Dart, MD, electrohypersensitivity SCIENCE

3 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and cancer SCIENCE

4 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and DNA SCIENCE

5 Eugene doctors 2013, Cell phones and brain tumors, SCIENCE

6 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and infertility SCIENCE

7 Eugene doctors 2013, RF and hormones SCIENCE

TELL lawmakers to get on the ball and push AB 345 – the smart meter opt out bill - FORWARD. This bill would save the utilities from inevitable lawsuits, and allow individuals to ability to REJECT chronic radiation-emitting meters on their homes and in their neighborhoods.


AB 345 – lives, breathes

AB 345, the Wisconsin smart meter opt out bill, is resting quietly for the moment in the utilities committee. But this new baby lives and breathes, and is a wonderful beginning towards justice on this consumer issue.

Clearly, lawmakers do not yet understand the serious dangers of transmitting utility meters to residents. So we must continue to educate them about the health, security and privacy impacts. We need to remind them that America is supposed to be a place where individuals have control of their own living spaces and homes.

Let’s continue to work to educate and convince state lawmakers to support this basic consumer right – to reject radiation producing devices on our own homes, which also pose security and privacy risks.

For hope and inspiration, see the recent interaction with Chairman of the FCC Thomas Wheeler as Stop Smart Meters (CA) stood up for us all, speaking truth to power.


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