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Former military EMR expert: Dr. Karl Maret weighs in on smart meters

“The High Road to a True Smart Grid”

Dr. Karl Maret is an engineer, physician, former researcher in the Canadian Armed Forces and expert in electromagnetic fields. He is President of Dove Health Alliance in Aptos, CA and Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy in Washington, D.C.. Dr. Maret combines deep expertise in the behavior of electromagnetic fields, electric grid technologies and the potential biological and health effects from the radiation emitted by wireless devices and smart meters.

Commonwealth Club January 28, 2014 “The High Road to a True Smart Grid”, Karl Maret, M.D., Eng. from ElectromagneticHealth.Org on Vimeo.

NEW ACTION ALERT: Marshfield residents fight smart meter installations

Information/action UPDATE:

Marshfield residents had better fight for their lives and health! Here is supporting evidence against Marshfield Utility’s forcing smart meters on all residents:

***Eugene OR doctors give science showing health impacts from Sensus meter system, same as MU is installing. And the same system Alliant Energy is forcing all customers to have, too.

***A new peer-reviewed scientific report shows numerous health impacts and symptoms occurring in healthy individuals after smart meters are installed.

***Sensus meters have caused fires in the U.S. and Canada, with thousands of meters being recalled.

Possible action to take:

Along with their individual resistance moves, Marshfield residents numbering at least 25 could try to open a docket at the Public Services Commission collectively about their case. The Marshfield utility stated during a recorded meeting that 27 people requested opt outs. Madison Water Utility customers did this in 2012, resulting in the utility VOLUNTARILY offering opt outs. The utility would likely not have done so without the OFFICIAL public stink put up by customers! Here is the Madison citizen request for a Customer BILL OF RIGHTS about smart meters that would have applied broadly in the state.

Marshfield residents would be in good company by complaining to the PSC, adding to the public record against smart meters! Public complaints records of the Wisconsin PSC show other Wisconsin customers that realized they were being harmed by various smart meters asked to opt out between 2009 and 2014. ALL WERE DENIED accommodation.

As in California. where records reveal that regulators KNEW some people “feel the pain” of health impacts of the meters, WI regulators continue to allow utilities to force them upon people. Public records show that the Wisconsin PSC very well know some people are experiencing pain and harm from transmitting meters. The complaints are clear, and some include doctor letters requesting accommodation. Therefore, the Wisconsin PSC IS WELL AWARE THAT SOME CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCE PAIN AND HARMFUL EFFECTS OF EMF and the meters! It is in the public record. This is unconscionable and criminal.


Marshfield Utility is planning to force smart electric and water meters on all residents, despite objections from some.

In a recent interview, General Manager of the utility Bob Trussoni cheerfully explained one benefit for the utility is that employees won’t have to walk through the snow anymore to read meters in winter. They are beat at the end of the trudge. But he also admitted during the interview that readings only must be taken – by law –  a minimum of two times per year, and that currently, the utility meter readers go once a month to collect usage total. So, how many walks through snow is that per year that would be saved, and at what cost to customers’ lives?

It is easy for Mr. Trussoni to be light-hearted about utility benefits when customers will bear the brunt of the mandate. The new AMI meter system is costing 2 ¼ million. The utility estimates the smart meters will be paid up in 4-6 years. But the costs are much higher than this: the costs to public trust, health, privacy and human rights.

Here is the utility’s take on its smart meter mandate.

About Smart Meters, with Marshfield Utilities

Stay tuned to get the resident and consumer side of this story!

2015 Packet for Wisconsin Lawmakers – Smart Meter Consumer Rights Bill

Here is that 2015 WI Lawmaker Smart Meter Packet people have been waiting for. Feel free to mix and match the pages. Print or send links to lawmakers to educate and rally them to support people’s property, health choice and constitutional rights to not have microwave-emitting surveillance devices on our homes in order to access life-sustaining electric, gas and water services.


***2015 bill for state lawmakers to address smart meter issues from the consumer point of view:

The Wisconsin Utility Consumers Health, Safety and Privacy Protection Act


***What’s Wrong with Smart Meters? flyer, side 1

***Comparison analog vs. smart meters, side 2


***2015 article: “Digital Electronic “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “Smart Grid Technologies” to Fully Eviscerate Privacy” by James Tracey.

***American Academy of Environmental Medicine doctors state people with these medical conditions should NOT have smart meters.

***Pregnant women should NOT be exposed to smart meters on their own homes or on neighbors’ homes to protect their developing baby.

***Biological Effects from RF Radiation at Low-Intensity Exposure, based on the BioInitiative 2012 Report, and the Implications for Smart Meters and Smart Appliances by Ron Powell, Ph.D.


Smart meter bank near condo harms unsuspecting woman

This woman was healthy prior to this smart meter exposure.

She knew nothing about the biological impact they cause.

A perfectly rational question to ask is if this healthy woman experienced immediate effects, how long would it take other healthy people to fall, since radiation damage is cumulative.

Another logical question is if this healthy woman suffered immediate serious impacts, how does the exposure impact very vulnerable people, fetuses/children, people with illnesses and chronic conditions, and the elderly?

Dr. Paul Dart explains the science behind the damage of smart meter systems. It is time to wake up.

HERE, in America: Holocaust survivor now being harmed by smart meters, testimony

It is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, a time to remember the cruel atrocity so that it may never again happen.

Fast forward.

This woman’s health survived Nazis only to be HARMED by smart meters that are deceptively forced upon her in today’s America.

What kind of country is this, anyways?

Seriously, what kind of place is America now?

This question must be asked.


Root of smart grid? 2010 federal report explains

Have you ever wondered about the root of the smart grid, smart appliances, smart cars, smart everything? Check out this 2010 U.S. federal report, which lays out tons of federal sensor/data system control plans for every area of life. Search by terms like grid, medical record or education to see the massive automation plans being implemented. They have only just begun…




Executive Office of the President

President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology


UPDATE, response to Madison Cap Times letter: “smart water meter harmed resident’s health”

January 24: This new response to the letter described below includes additional testimony, science and sources revealing wireless harm.

Cap Times letter, January 13, 2015 John Endres: We must recognize wireless and health problems linked…I began experiencing adverse health symptoms (that I never had before) immediately after installation of a water “smart meter…” This is consistent with the recent Australian study showing symptoms beginning after smart meter installations. It is consistent with WI Public Service Commission records showing consumer complaints about smart meters since 2009. It is consistent with similar complaints elsewhere in the U.S.

Radiofrequency transmitting utility meters are biologically active and damaging. Not everyone feels the effects immediately. Some will suddenly have a heart, neurological, cognitive, developmental (fetus/child) or other issue after enough exposure cumulates. No one should be forced to have such a device on their home (or in their neighborhood) in order to receive life-sustaining utility services for electric, gas and water. No one.


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